A glowing neon light that says, “loser.”
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Yesterday, the Medium contest that ran a few months ago announced its winners. Over 9,000 stories were entered. Only a handful of people could walk away with a prize.

While I thought that the win was great for the winners, I went on to make the mistake of reading the…

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As a child, I had the unfortunate experience of being bullied by a teacher. Three, actually. For reasons unbeknownst to me, these three teachers just simply did not like me.

Bullying can leave deep scars on children. It’s even worse when those bullies are people in authority. Bullying can lead…

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Children’s books are incredibly fun and rewarding to write. They also don’t take as much time as you might think, so you can churn them out fairly quickly as a freelance writer. …

A woman sits at a bistro table while typing on a white computer with black keys.
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There is something that catches my attention every time I see it: Someone talking about how they wrote 1,000 words in an hour or giving tips for writing 500 words in an hour.

Not being sure how to start an article, what to include, or how to finish it can…

Hand reaching toward the light.
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Sitting down on the sofa, I recalled something someone had said to me recently. “Are you really relaxing and enjoying what you’re doing, or are you dissociating?” I thought about it, and I realized I wasn’t very present when doing anything recently. My memory of what I did just a…

Star newspaper stating: Mass Vaccinations Begin
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With the development of COVID-19, it was necessary to develop a vaccine quickly and efficiently. Much of the world was put on hold as people stayed home and waited in quarantine to avoid this deadly virus.

Thanks to mRNA technology as well as multiple countries working together, it has been…

A dangerous-looking man in black and white trying to hush the viewer with a single finger.
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Narcissism is a personality disorder. People with this condition may:

  • Have an inflated sense of self
  • Want excessive attention
  • Long for admiration
  • Have troubled relationships
  • Lack empathy

They may also:

  • Be overly generous with those they love
  • Be charming and kind
  • Be talented, despite exaggerating their talents
  • Be engaging


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Have you worked for an hour or two with only a paragraph to show for it? Or, maybe you used the pecking technique to pummel out your content in a few hours?

Stop. That isn’t working.

Good writing is about having a goal in your content, but that content still…

Write without fear. Edit without mercy. This is written on a white vase with a plant in front of it on a desk.
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I write thousands of words a day for my clients. Every day, I write anywhere between 11 and 17 articles for publication in various formats. I write book chapters, blogs, press releases, and marketing content.

It’s my job, so how could I need to add on more writing to get…

A man in a hoodie standing under a light at night, leaning against a building and looking depressed or lonely. His reflection is in the puddle below him.
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Little did I know that my casual sarcasm habit and taste for the morbid may stem from a little-known condition called double depression, but that’s exactly what my test revealed when I booked in with a psychiatrist.

Initially, I went in for testing because I wanted to see if I…

Catrina Cowart

A professional writer and illustrator with over a decade of experience, a published book series, and interesting work-from-home experience.

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